Director Rudolph S. Chow, P.E. joins me in welcoming you to the Clean Water Baltimore website. Clean water is our most valuable natural resource. Clean water is our most valuable natural resource.  Water connects us, restores us, and gives life and sustenance. 
Clean Water Baltimore — our all-inclusive approach to guarantee clean waterways for this generation of citizens and the next — was designed with you in mind.  It includes our three-point plan for:
Infrastructure Investments:  Ensures operational reliability of our water, wastewater and surface water systems;
Integrated Planning: Considers our financial, social and environmental responsibility in context with our regulatory obligations; and
Innovative Solutions:  Protects our public health and improves the water quality of our rivers, streams, harbor and the Chesapeake Bay.
If you are looking for information about drinking water, surface water, consent decree, sewer treatment and improvements, help with paying your water bill, fats oil and grease prevention tips, capital projects, and other water-related information – you are at the right place.
Clean Water Baltimore.org addresses "all things water" in the great City of Baltimore and gives an overview of the monumental tasks ahead of us to upgrade our infrastructure including compliance with the City's Federal Consent Decree.  It also serves as another avenue to keep you informed on what we are doing at DPW.  While visiting this website, you can easily link to the City’s website on each page as you scroll through the repository of information made available for you to use.
We encourage you to visit this website often. Updates will occur frequently, as we continue to make improvements to our water, surface water, and wastewater infrastructures. We cannot accomplish these tasks ahead of us alone to make Baltimore’s water system cleaner and more sustainable. I implore you — as do the Baltimore City Council and Department of Public Works – to join us in this great effort to clean up our waterways and keep them clear of debris, which threatens our public health and destroys our quality of life. 


Make a decision today to become and remain environmental stewards of our water and sewer system.  Baltimore City needs you! Our future depends on it.


Catherine E. Pugh

Rudy Chow, P.E
Director, Department of Public Works

Catherine E. Pugh Mayor, City of Baltimore

Rudolph S. Chow, P.E. Director of  Public Works

Rudolph S. Chow, P.E.
Director of Public Works