Stormwater Participation Event Credit

An easy way for people to save money on their stormwater fee is by volunteering in a MD Stormwater Participation Event. These events specifically target projects within the City that improve water quality, such as a community trash clean-up, stream clean-up, tree planting and  installing rain gardens on community lots. In addition to helping the City reduce the polluted stormwater that flows into our storm drains, streams, and harbor they also create cleaner and greener communities.  To get credit for a Stormwater Participation Event you will need to register through 311.

point_right Registering a Stormwater Participation Event
point_right Stormwater Participation Event Credit Instructions for Event Organizers
point_right Stormwater Participation Event Information for Volunteers
point_right Stormwater Fee Credit Application


How do I register an event?

It’s simple! Just call 311 or go online. You will be asked to provide some information – your name and contact information, the date of the event, location, and duration. This will be reviewed (you may get a follow-up e-mail if there are questions) and then a certificate will be sent to the person registering the event (the Event Organizer).

How does the credit work?

  1. Property owners who pay a stormwater fee can receive $10 credit on their stormwater fee for every 8 volunteer hours (a minimum of 8 hours is needed to get a credit; the maximum credit in a 12-month period is $30).
  2. When you volunteer for a MD Stormwater Participation Event you will receive a certificate as your documentation of participation. The certificate will list the number of volunteer hours.
  3. Many stormwater participation events are less than 8 hours; if so, then you will need to participate in more than one registered event in order to reach your 8 hours. However, members of the same household can combine their hours (for example, a husband and wife who volunteer for a 4 hour community clean-up will each receive a certificate; together these would total 8 hours).
  4. Credits are not automatic – you must complete a simple application and include copies of your certificate(s) as proof of participation. CLICK HERE for an Application.
  5. If you reach your maximum credit limit, or don’t pay a stormwater fee, you can still earn certificates and then donate these to another person, church, or non-profit that can apply the certificates toward a credit.
  6. Certificates do not expire; however, once approved, the stormwater participation credits are good for only one year.