How Can I Save $ on My Stormwater Fee?


  • Single Family Properties Credits
  • Stormwater Participation Event
  • Non-Single Family Properties Credits
  • Stormwater Fee Credit Application (Volunteer Activities)
  • Hardship Exemption (senior and low-income)

The purpose of establishing a stormwater credit program is to provide a way for ratepayers to reduce their fees, and an incentive for them to implement stormwater management measures. A credit system aims to protect water quality, create equity in the payment system, reduce public expenditures on stormwater management, and promote private sector stormwater management. For more information regarding the various fee reductions and application process refer to the following Guidance Documents:

Single Family Properties (SFP)

Customers can receive credit by installing and maintaining stormwater treatment practices and for volunteering in hands-on activities.

Stormwater Treatment Practices: these are practices that limit nutrient loading and decrease the quantity of stormwater entering the City’s drainage system. They can be simple structural Best Management Practice (BMP) options as well as more sophisticated structures. The following practices are eligible for credits

  • Rain Gardens
  • Tree Planting
  • Rain Water harvesting
  • Other Residential BMPs

For more information on SFP stormwater fee credits click HERE.

Stormwater Participation Events: These are organized volunteer activities, like tree planting and trash clean-ups, that provide direct water quality benefits and increase awareness. People who volunteer can earn hours toward a credit on their stormwater fee. For more information visit the Stormwater Participation Event page.

Additionally, seniors and low-income customers can receive discounts and exemptions on their water bill. For more information visit the DPW Customer Support web page.

Non-Single Family Properties and Religious Organizations (NSFP)

There are several different credits and reduction programs available to businesses, churches, non-profits, and industries (for more detail refer to the NSFP Guidance Document at the top of this page):


  • Participation
  • Vacant Lot
  • Small Development
  • Treatment
  • NPDES Industrial Permit Credit
  • Harbor Discharger Credit

For more information on NSFP stormwater fee credits click HERE.

Fee Reductions

  • Religious Structure Special Fee (click HERE for more information)
  • Maximum Fee as Percentage of Property Tax

Stormwater Fee Credit Application

In order to receive a reduction on their stormwater fee, a customer must complete an application. There is a separate application for Single Family Properties and Non-Single Family Properties:

Applications and supporting materials should be submitted to the Bureau of Water and Wastewater at the addresses below, faxed to (410) 396-5531, or e-mailed to, subject line "Stormwater Credit Application".

Bureau of Water and Wastewater

Abel Wolman Municipal Building

200 Holliday Street, Room 404

Attn: Customer Support and Services Division Baltimore, MD 21202

Customers will receive a letter when their application materials have been received and are under review. After the review, another letter will follow with the application decision. At any time, customers may call the Department’s Customer Support and Services Division at (410) 396-5398.

The customer is still obligated to pay the full fee during the credit application review.

Hardship Exemption

If you are having trouble paying your water bill you might qualify for a Hardship Exemption on your Stormwater Fee and Bay Restoration Fee. In order to qualify for a Hardship Exemption you must satisfy at least two of the following conditions:

  • Receiving energy assistance subsidy
  • Receiving public assistance - Supplemental Security
  • Income (SSI) or food stamps, and medical assistance
  • Receiving veterans, social security or social security disability benefits
  • Meeting gross income criteria (listed on the application)

Click HERE for the Hardship Exemption Application

Questions? Contact DPW's Customer Support and Services Division at (410) 396-5398.