Baltimeter project introduction

 BaltiMeter Project Introduction

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Thank you for visiting Baltimore City Department of Public Works’ (DPW) website for the BaltiMeter Project. Baltimore City’s DPW performs meter reading, billing, and maintenance services for the City’s approximately 203,000 water customers and the County's approximately 204,000 water customers.  An assessment was conducted a few years ago of the City’s and County’s water meter populations and meter reading system.  It was determined that the City and County should implement a program to replace their metering infrastructure and upgrade their meter reading system.As a result, in November 2013, Baltimore City DPW – working closely with Baltimore County – selected a world leader in water meter technology, Itron, Inc., of Washington State, to usher the Baltimore water meter system into a new era.

The BaltiMeter Project is now underway to upgrade the water meters and their associated infrastructure in Baltimore City and Baltimore County with the latest in metering technology.  The new system will bring both direct and indirect benefits to customers such as:


Greater meter reading and billing accuracy:

Without the possibility of manual read errors, the meter readings will be accurate and reliable.

Elimination of estimated bills:
Meter readings will be able to be obtained under conditions that have typically prevented a meter reading in the past. This includes inaccessibility of a meter due to weather events (e.g., snow, ice) or other meter vault access obstructions (e.g., vehicles, animals).
Enhanced customer service:
Detailed and timely knowledge of the customer’s usage improves the ability of the Customer Support and Services Division to assist the customer in understanding his/her bill and to quickly resolve questions and issues.
Reduced Water Loss:
With continuous monitoring, leaks and unexplained water usage can be quickly detected and addressed.
Enhanced Operational Efficiencies:
Less time and manpower will be spent performing field checks of meters and billing adjustments.

Please explore this website for more information and check back for the latest news and progress for the BaltiMeter Project.